Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice

As a parent, nothing in this world can emulate the deep feeling you have when you reach out, take hold of and gaze into your child's eyes for the first time, a feeling that, although incomparably terrifying, makes you smile, unable to speak in the presence of this beautiful human reaching out to you in wonder. As our children grow and the years drift into the future, our ultimate task as parents, to nurture the wonder, minds and health of our children, never changes.

I wanted to start this blog in hopes of aiding, guiding and advising new moms and dads as you practice good parenting habits, look for new ways to nurture your baby, or if you are stressed and confused on what to do next. Any new parent may reach a point where they achingly wish they had someone else to go to help with their current situation or answer a question. What better way to advise new parents than with tips and advise from parents around the world just like you!

Some of the statements here are quoted from global blogs I felt addressed a question/situation that I or family/friends of mine have gone through perfectly, while others are written by helpful BabyBop shoppers. If you have any tips from your experience that you wish someone would have told you, please feel free to leave a comment and share, as you may be the ray of light to another parent faced with the same situation.

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